Essex Meditation and Relaxation

Come and learn to meditate with us!

Mindfulness Meditation is a great way to

  • lessen your stress
  • lower your anxiety
  • improve your concentration
  • relieve your insomnia
  • take back control of your mind

Essex Meditation classes are informal, open to everyone, and non-religious.


For updated class information, please check our facebook page
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For updated class information, please check our facebook page
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All welcome, including beginners. No previous experience needed, full instruction will be given. You can sit on a chair, or use a floor cushion.

What is Mindfulness Meditation?

A way of relieving stress, lowering high blood pressure, dealing with anxiety or depression and improving your concentration or focus. Simple instructions, gentle breathing, small friendly classes, sitting on a chair. Beginners welcome. 45 minute class.

Introduction to Buddhism
Tue, 7 Jan 2020 – Tue, 28 Jan 2020: 19:55
Don’t miss this opportunity to book your place on this popular Introduction to Buddhism 4 week Course for beginners.
We’ll be discovering who the Buddha was, what do those statues represent, how can Buddhism help you in your everyday experience of life, why is compassion important and what part does meditation play in Buddhism
These classes are carefully designed for complete beginners, you need no previous experience, no special equipment or clothing. We’ll be sitting on chairs, not the floor, there will be no embarrassing questions, just 4 weeks where you come along on a Tuesday night and see what you make of it all.
This class will be taught by Emma Walker, who has been a Buddhist for 30 years, with decades of study across the world with many renowned Buddhist teachers and leaders. But this class will be taught in an accessible, approachable way, with some practical ideas and inspirations that you can draw on for your own life.
This course is for 4 weeks, you can’t just book for a single week. There will be no refunds for your booking. This class is held upstairs in the hall, there is no lift access.
Mindful Relaxation from Essex Meditation – letting go of stress and worry
4 week course to help you let go of stress and worry, allow your tensions to melt away, fully relax your body and mind.
This Mindful Relaxation class is a time of gently stretching to allow your body to relax, listening to soothing music, guiding your mind into a meditative state and just letting go. Full instruction will be given, but this is perhaps a class more suited to those who have a little experience in meditation techniques, but all are welcome.
This is not a yoga class, it’s far slower and more gentle. You can either do the movements sitting on a chair, or laying on a yoga mat. Please bring your own mat, none will be provided. We do have chairs! Wear something comfortable, feel free to bring a blanket if you feel the cold easily. This is a 4 week course, you cannot book for a week at at time. Please note that this hall is upstairs and there is no lift.
How To Be Happy! an afternoon of mindfulness, meditation, happiness & cake
Sunday, 8th March 2020, 2pm to 5pm Canvey Island
An afternoon of happiness, self help, mindfulness and cake. An informal way of discovering effective ways of boosting your own happiness About this Event Back by popular demand it’s How To Be Happy, a friendly afternoon of exploring ways of feeling better about ourselves, discussing self help and good mental health. Low key, informal and with a pause for tea and cake, all included in your ticket price.
No need to bring anything special with you, no need for fancy clothes or a yoga mat. Free parking at venue.
Really Relaxing Afternoon, mindfulness, meditation, relaxation & cake
Sunday 3rd May 2020, 2pm to 5pm Canvey Island
If you want a mini break for your mind, this is for you. We will explore relaxation techniques, gentle breathing, letting go and finding fun
If you want a mini break for your mind, then book yourself onto this afternoon. We will explore relaxation techniques, gentle breathing, starting to let go and how to find some peace within yourself.
This class is suitable for beginners, and open to all. During the relaxation session, you can sit on a chair, or if you feel more comfortable laying on the floor, please feel free to bring your own mat, pillow or blanket This is not an exercise class, it’s a time for relaxing in whichever posture you feel the most comfortable.
Light refreshments will be served, that means tea and cake for most of us.
Smallgains Hall is clean and bright, with free parking and easily accessible for most people. Tickets must be booked online, there will be no tickets available on the door. Tickets are non-refundable and not transferable.

Please see our facebook page for up to date information.

Emma has recorded a gentle one-hour introduction to Mindfulness Meditation, Mantra and Guided Visualisations. Breathe in, Breathe out is available to buy and download as MP3 files or as a CD.

NEW. FLOATING IN A SEA OF WORDS: Poems on Life, Love and Loss. By Emma Walker.

This moving, rousing and stirring poetry collection will make you laugh, cry and spark gratitude, inspiration and encouragement, and help you embrace life and all its imperfections.

As human beings our shared experiences of life, love and loss unite us We all have a story. We’ve all experienced the rollercoaster of emotions, challenges, joy and crushing disappointment along our life journeys.
And this is why this book will resonate with you.
This diverse and colourful range of poems will pierce aching hearts, soothe grief and loss, echo shouts of delirious love and bring knowing smiles. They will be suitable to read out loud at a funeral and celebrate a life well lived or be whispered into a lover’s ear under a moonlit sky or shared with a friend who means so much.
So join Emma Walker on this accessible yet powerful adventure which tackles the cruelty of dementia, the darkest corners of grief and reinforces our need to treasure the moment, whilst reflecting on Mother Nature and sharing the delight of biscuits.

Emma Walker

Meditation classes in Hadleigh and Canvey are taught by Emma Walker.

Emma was born and grew up in Essex then at age 22 began a journey that was to last twenty years and take her to many countries around the world.

Along the way she met and studied with many Tibetan Buddhist lamas in the United States, Canada, India, Nepal, Taiwan, Belgium and Portugal. She worked in Buddhist centres and also spent three years in the traditional enclosed retreat in France under the guidance of Tulku Pema Wangyal Rinpoche.

While personally holding Buddhist beliefs, Emma chooses to present a secular, non religious form of Mindfulness Meditation at her classes. In this way she hopes that the classes are open to all, regardless of beliefs or tradition. Training and taming the mind are the root of Mindfulness Meditation and also the bedrock of Buddhism.

When she is not leading Mindfulness Meditation Classes, Emma also works as a Celebrant, leading funerals or baby naming ceremonies.

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